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  IT / Computing
    Blissweb Information Technology specializes in the following types of service:
  • Internet web site design / creation / hosting
  • Database creation and administration
  • PC / Network troubleshooting / maintenance
  • Software design and development
  • Digital equipment education
  • Web site promotion, search engine placements
  • Web site testing and English language proof editing.

Currently based in Beijing, China.  Blissweb can offer many services for your company or personal / home enterprises. Blissweb Information Technology services include:

  • Setup a US based domain name with web site, emails.

  • Troubleshoot your PC or Network problem.

  • Virus scanning, removal.

  • Operating system / memory upgrades (Windows XP, Windows 2000 professional / server)

  • New equipment installation, recommendation, purchasing (printer, router, ADSL, wireless networking, scanner, digital camera, etc.

  • Create a database for your products, services, customers. 

  • Advice on computer / laptop or other digital equipment purchase.

  • Increase your existing web site's rankings in Google search engine.

  • Check the quality and accuracy of your English language web site.

  • Test your web site for flow, logic or programming errors.

  • Web site performance review, tips to increase speed of download.

If you wish to use the services of Blissweb Information Technology for any of the above or any other computing task, please email us at:



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